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Quick Guide to Printers

We are often asked ‘what’s the best printer?’. Well, that’s a tough question with the 1000’s of models, brands and technologies out there. We’ve had a think and worked up a quick guide to what to use for certain scenarios.
Cost per consumables
The main factor in choosing a printer is how much it costs to run. You would of seen the offers in the shops of ‘This fantastic printer for £29.99!’. Months later you can’t find the cartridges for less than £40 a set.

First, look at what you will use a printer for and for how long. Constant use will be better off with Laser based solutions, as you will get up to 1500 pages from a £40 toner, whereas inkjets will only give up to 500 if high capacity for almost the same price. 

Seems worthwhile that if you see any interesting Printer sales, is to check the consumable price before buying.

        <figure><img src="" alt="" title=""></figure><h3>1-5 users online/digital work or rarely prints</h3><p>If you are rarely printing, Inkjets aren't a good choice. Inkjets tend to dry out after months of no use.

If occasional letters or finance tracking, We recommend a mono laser. If you require Photo Quality prints, then an Inkjet is the way to go, but be prepared for expensive cartridges.

For multiple users, most inkjets and lasers have network and wireless as options.

If scanning to more than 1 computer, then network enabled All In Ones is best to use.

        <figure><img src="" alt="photocopier-297547_960_720" title="photocopier-297547_960_720"></figure><h3><p align="center">1-10 Heavy duty printing</h3><p><p align="left">You may want to consider high end Laser printers, or network photocopiers may be cheaper to run.<p align="left"> Other advantages is secure print systems, sorting programs, saving templates to the machine's Hard drive to print off without sending from PC. Supports multiple paper sizes, simultaneous printing and scanning to and from multiple machines. 

Best idea if looking at this setup is to contact a photocopier specialist who will help you choose to rent or buy, and support with maintenance.

        <figure><img src="" alt="ColorPlotter" title="ColorPlotter"></figure><h3>Specialist Printing</h3><p>When you look at other industries, more options appear. <ul>
  • A1 sized plotters for design work, prints from rolls of paper.
  • Vinyl printer and integrated cutting systems for Posters and merchandising.
  • Label printing for Postage and archiving, Usaully thermal so you only pay for the special rolls.
  • Wax/Oil printing for fabrics and art.

    As you can imagine, some of these can be a bit insane in looks, features and price.

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