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Quick September update

A quick September update, not much happening as we are working on various projects.

Scheduled items:

  • Swap contact form to add function for journalling onto a ticket CRM.
  • Sort SEO fields on products, categories and tags.
  • Fix tags not importing/merging on product update. Or just fix the import system entirely.
  • Switch to completely HTTPS.
  • General stability, security and the crawler bot whack-a-mole.
  • More regular content, hoping for the return to humour.
  • CSS fixes for layouts and making the site pretty again.
  • Winter theme

Some ‘would like to sort outs’:

  • Brain, motivation, not taking 3-4 weeks to put out a ‘quick’ blog post.
  • Bring the system builder project online, we’ve paused development on our own one and trying out ‘Composite Products’ for a while.
  • Decide what I want to do with the site. To be honest, It’s becoming a pain. Update products to sell to no one. Write for no one.


An item what constantly slips my mind and keeps getting pushed away is Marketing. Attempting to get more traffic to the site see’s more bots probe our defensive wall, listing the products and adapting their appearance doesn’t seem to gain interest from anything real. With the site being hosted on a server which can handle its experiments, it’s got to pay its way somehow.

Having a brief chat with other bloggers who seem to have made money from their site gives us the answer of ‘Write an ebook, harvest email addresses in exchange for it’. What? How on earth does that work?

When it takes ages to be able to find time to sit down and write something which people can understand for a short blog post. I really don’t think I can write a book. Not a decent one anyway.

Another answer was to cram the site full of video, do podcasts. I speak worse than I type so that’s not going to happen.

Until next time, remember it’s creepy crawly season so dusty PC’s are going to happen.



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