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Quick update

Just a quickly typed update for anyone wondering ‘why the hell hasn’t he added anything new? Lazy bugger!..’ Ahem..

I’ve Actually been trying to keep up with everything going on and seeing how to automate most of my life.

I’m considering getting a VPS type system where I can build, test and host clients new websites directly from our services (rather than buying a slot or hosting account and setting it all up that way..). Currently the costs are mad, but looking at long time and the way this site works, it may pay to be on a bit of a bigger server.

Spotted this article this morning, Thinking of ordering spare Anti Virus boxes and setting up an instance license with some of the tools I’ve been testing.

UK National Health Service Site Hacked, Then Served Malware

Yes, Slightly worrying that an essential information site is like that. Makes you wonder how much more terrible holes the multi million £ revamped sites have had.. like Monst*cough*seekers direct..

What else was there.. Oh yes.. Thanks to BT suddenly deciding to get ready for a roll-out through town, Littleport’s few-yearly game of road work dodging is under way!

Bonus marks for blocking the remaining lane if you wanted to pop into the shop..

Seriously though, this round should be done by beginning of March and should see Fibre deployed soon after, which might open up more things to think about..

Anyway, until next time!


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