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Re-focusing on business

Its not an easy step to withdraw support for something..

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about website development, Its something I didn’t want to get into. It started as I wanted my site to do things what most software can’t. I succeeded in some areas, and completely gave up in others. Lacking any creative vibe or imagination has helped this decision along.

I am no longer offering full websites.

Sure I’ll help you migrate hosts, sort you out a nice theme, advise on what kind of set-up you’ll probably want. But I will not design it. Hell, If it doesn’t take long to sort it out and automate hosting renewals, and you have staff willing to keep it updated, I’ll get you started! But long-term site management with fancy features what need developing? ‘Fraid not.

Current management arrangements will still take place, But as a single person.. I can’t keep up with any more than I have currently.

It’s regrettable, but handling so many passwords, usernames, social interactions and website reputations.. Sooner or later I’m going to slip up and upload one persons site into another.. Then it all goes mad!

Hopefully I’ll rethink this later down the line, maybe when I have less hassle with my own projects working how they should and someone helping who knows this ‘creative’ lark..


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