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What are we up to – September into October

A busy month for September again, with lots of projects still going on and new ones being pre-pared.

  • HTML5 templates for fast site deployments, feature rich with many features customizable.
  • Modernizing our own site,¬†adding some features, removing some old rubbish and possibly prepare for server move.. After Christmas probably looking at big project 2…
  • I’m¬†irregularly posting due to life, illness, call-outs and projects taking up extra time, I aim to sort this and get the automated publishing fixed too.
  • Few more surprises in the pipeline, beginning the run up to Christmas with some new system designs and suggestions.
  • Writing some functional Excel/Access and Word templates for local businesses/start-ups/anyone to use in day-to-day scenarios.. With articles on each to explain how you can use formulae, functions and data sources to their potential.

And here’s your Monthly reminder to Back up your stuff, Update and run your virus scanner.. Also have a look at renewal deals if you are running Bullguard, they tend to run some promotions around School start all through to New Year.

Malware checks too and check your case and fan areas/vents for dust build up, a clean system is less problematic and keeps me away!


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