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Have I been slacking?

It’s been a busy few days westacking? I'm pretty sure I typed Slacking..eks here, rushing around saving life’s from misbehaving PC’s. I’m beginning  to ache, not get lunch until late evening. Is it worth it? With the stuff I want to get done still piling up? Feels like I’m slacking.

Running around between customers and sorting a random array of small issues, to major system outages.. Is it normal to feel you are getting nowhere at all generally?

The ‘To Do’ list gets slightly longer, the parts coming in sitting on the ‘We’ll need this later’ stack seems to be growing..

So far I’ve these last 2 weeks, I’ve not had a chance to further build of the PC Configuration module, Nor updated prices or stock.

This Week seems pretty quiet (for the time being) so its going to be catch up coding, finishing projects and paperwork!

So apologies if I’m running late, or not got a quote or Invoice out to you within a few days. I’m getting there with cutting the ‘To Do’ pile down.




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