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Special Projects Division

Working on a few new things.

A huge amount of what I do is experimentation, coding specific applications to do their thing. Sometimes it works and wrecks something else, Most of the time it doesn’t at all, and rarely it works without tweaking everything to do with it.

With a bit of success with an API project, calling data from a client’s internal server to their website has given me an idea for using with WooCommerce’s built-in system.

This gave me a few ideas on automating the product system, the API will do everything to do with sync, with an exception: Custom Fields. We use Custom Fields for our Specifications tab, which is a source of critical information on each product.

A workaround would be to add the ‘Specification’ field in our files to Woo’s attribute system, so it shows under the Additional Information tab (can be renamed). I’d prefer not to use that as Variable Products use that tab for personalising product options (from preset text selections, not from stock options. that’d be too easy and part of another project!).

Many more thing’s to come as I learn more how JSON/API’s and other languages work.

Sometimes I wish I had a team.





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