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Summer 2020

This year, despite being a complete pain in the arse, has gone a bit quick, we’ve almost got past Summer already! As I’m trying to wrap up several projects and frameworks, I’ve found I’ve not updated content on this site for a while.

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Having survived 30+ degrees, and happily into the rain season, time to catch up.

Summer Plans

With nerve injury still present, smaller repairs like phones, tablets and circuity are out. I’ll be adjusting pages to make that clearer over next few days.

We will be looking at supplying parts directly again via drop-shipping. Need to do something while this Corona-virus crisis prevents us from onsite jobs and repairs. Alas the software available for listing our own products is terrible and results in 503 errors occasionally. Fun.

I also intend to write more, possibly FAQ’s to save people effort int finding stuff. Basic troubleshooting click guides.

Long term mentality

It may shock people to learn that when I go out to onsite jobs/visits. I’m actually terrified because of Anxiety. Being stuck in isolation Since January has not been good for my brain. Going through Spring with sneezing/coughing from Hay fever and suddenly freaking out that it might be COVID-19.

So yea, basically admitting that you’re a complete nervous wreck when it comes to people, even ones you know, its probably a bad idea. But I feel I need to explain why some days I just shut down and hide, switch off the phone and just.. well scream internally and get worse. It even effects the projects, my designs/plans and basic posts. I don’t even use Facebook anymore because of the anxiety it gives me. Only good thing about it is that I don’t go on Twitter anymore, which I guess is the only positive thing.

It’s not the ideal mental state which someone who relies on being able to explain technical stuff to others, being able to teach in a way, should have. Hell, no one should have to suffer with this. But this world isn’t kind to any of us.

And if this sound familiar to you, do something about it, get help before something like this crisis locks you in it.


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