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Summer of discontent

It’s been a while since the last post, here’s a bit about whats been happening.

Lack of motivation

It’s gone, I’ve had to force myself to write this with any word what comes into my head. My ability to formulate sentences is gone, virtually no motivation to write anything. can’t concentrate on much, and when I can I’m disturbed into sorting something else out.

Watch the news, reminds me that I’m in a depressing world. Recieve emails from government ‘help’ schemes for keeping things moving, not much help at all when its ‘EXPORTING IS THE FUTURE! Join us in London to meet people from far off places who won’t be interested in what you sell! (also we cancelled all the trains!)’. That is not good advice, not in this climate with every department involved in exporting not having a clue how it will happen after 2019.

I can’t work out why either. Each time I focus on a big task for the day, something else appears to be wrong. Uncertainty over the future? the entire world going mad? general survival? trying to get too much done at once? who knows.

Things breaking

Over the past 3 months, we’ve increasing seen the local infrastructure change or break down badly. Roads have been modified and resurfaced resulting in months of chaos. Add on to that that various services have dug up paths and the resurfaced road since.

Not just that. Bank systems connecting to accounts broke, the automatic invoicing system appears to not be automatic at all. 100’s of emails from recruiters who are misreading my data on their databases (who have it on there without permission), likely stored a CV from 2010. Telling them to delete it appears to be too complex for a human, and the ‘unsubscribe’ crap doesn’t work.


Around the same time last year, I somehow picked up an infection which restricted my ability to do much quickly and easily. It happened again, while not as bad or as specific as last time, it’s caused a few more mobility issues. Combine that with the migraines, weeks of tiredness from hayfever, and trying to get projects out of the way. Not much time to work out how to stop it all. Also the possibility that I’m getting slightly unhinged on the whole thing. Meh.


I’ve always thought that I’ve got too much to focus on.

  • Local repairs seem to be great when they are available.
  • Web consultancy is being hit hard by lack of creativity and motivation.
  • Wasn’t a fan of the online freelancing stuff, sure it’s great to find someone to get your website fixed or something designed quickly for a small fee. But you are not gonna get 6 months of website construction for $200.
  • Mobile device repairs. Just no. If it’s not glued down, there’s a reason bugging me why it isn’t. Was never happy with the way some repairs worked out. Not particularly happy with melting the face off an iPad to remove its glue then melting a very thin piece of glass, which won’t stay in place to connect its bits, back in.


So looking at it all, I’m thinking of shutting down most of the business, but retaining the freelance part, which includes:

  • Continue Supporting existing customers.
  • Maintaining a more personal blog (funded by Amazon links or Adsense?)
  • Custom coding of themes/plugins.
  • Selling parts/stock.
  • Any other small jobs we can find.