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Summers here!

Finally its summer, meaning hot (estimated) weather and not so ideal conditions for computing.

There’s still lots to do for us, from plotting newly thought up projects onto the starting table, to finishing off old ones in PHP/HMTL.

Our PC builder plugin took a seat on the back burner for a while, was looking at using Woo’s API for it but turns out so many functions needed are not there. The front end part didn’t look very good either without some sort of field/form management, and didn’t play well with dynamically calling products.

We are looking at a server move, we’ve outgrown this simple hosting package and its showing. Likely to take place around June to August over the course of a few days.

A warning for all users

We recently worked on a Laptop for a client, and caught a potential fire hazard before it got too bad. We noticed the bottom was all cracked and warped, and assumed it’d been sitting near a radiator while in use.

Originally it came in with Malware/virus issues, after 5-10 minutes of running programs we noticed not much airflow and  a smell of hot plastic confirms this is an internal problem. We opened it up to find dust, but fans working correctly. Further dis-assembly found more debris in between cooling fins, and while the cooling unit was out we dusted it completely and reworked CPU/Heatsink connections and paste.

Re-assemble and its so much cooler and happy. Reported the issue and resolution to the customer and they had not noticed it ever getting hot.

Let that be a warning, doesn’t take a minute to wave your hand all over your laptop to make sure it isn’t going to catch fire. Same goes for desktop users, try hovering a Hoover (Vacuum Cleaner..) pipe around the vents (while its OFF) to temporarily unblock the airflow.

Anyhoo.. (is that even a word?!) I’ve been told I spend far too long writing these  far too long, and people lose interest.. So look out for more frequent small updates!


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