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The Bank Holiday End of August to do list…

Still tons to do with Website and life, being ill recently has taught me that I’m completely unorganized.

  • Sort out the Header on website.. latest theme update broke the white box and took a good 40 minutes to see what blocked it. Maybe redesign the colours so it doesn’t happen again? It’s responsive resize has disappeared too.
  • Get a new logo, Had some ideas while I was ill last week.. since my creativity is terrible when I’m at my best I’d thought I’d not risk it… Maybe an idea for a new post?
  • Update all product images.. After seeing almost 3gb in the images storage and finding 5 copies of everything, we’ve adjusted the system and should only have 1 version of each product image.. I hope. All products need to be refreshed too.
  • Update products manually
  • Setup the Device Repair widgets Via Repairshopr, integrate it into site for invoice/customer(what?!) tracking and bookings.
  • New server for SSL, projects and stability.. the more I look into this, the more work it seems like before we even have a site on there.
  • Check up on Clients sites and work out what to do about a non responsive client.
  • Silders and images, Worked hard on making special sections for them to work.. It’s about time I should use them.
  • read up on the latest SAMBA release and script it all into an upgrade package for some file-servers which are also due some disk upgrades.
  • Thanks to HSBC’s system glitching out, it seems I need to manually update accounts.
  • Auto thanks to our Accounts package, some invoices haven’t reached their intended targets, or ended up in spam folders.
  • Finish off Computer Product Builder (WCPB) to Version 1 and close it on Github.
  • Start up Computer Customizer Tab plugin.

There’s plenty more what will crop up.. I’m sure of it.