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Mid Week wonderings, 14th April

14th April,  Bit of a diversion from the normal irregular blog posts.

14th April, not much happening and to be perfectly honest, I should be blogging to get people interested in the site and potentially sell items. But, I’m out of ideas to blog about.

Sure I can do a regular update on how well a coding project is going, but who’s interested in ‘Found a much simpler way to recall a function several times, silly me’ style short posts? Not many.

By the time I’ve caught up on reading about new tech, it’s here, expensive, and not as good as hoped. I could say something about the upcoming Zen chips, but when the benchmarks come, I doubt many will be impressed. Same with new Graphics card techs, the engines they are being built for haven’t switched to DirectX11 yet, and there’s one hell of a boost from just DirectX9/10 to 11 if games allow it.

Sitewise, I could go on about how API might help our product updates go more regularly? (there’s an upload going on now, takes ages.) It also doesn’t support Custom Fields yet, so our critical Specifications and Compatability information won’t get uploaded. Throw in the fact that I’d have to make a Windows App to take supplier CSV, translate it to API and fire it at the website.

The Shop

Now this is becoming a pain, for the past 3 years it’s been on the site, not a single sale. Fixed issues with the built in Paypal module, and SSL/HTTPS, Still working on automating product updates and imports. To what end? to end up putting stocked items on eBay again?