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A spanner in the works.

Our system builder plugin has thrown another spanner in the works.

A spanner along the lines of “You know what would work better for existing machines what need configuring by users?” Uhoh.. “The options being on the product’s page!”. ¬†Thanks brain, been too busy on the builder to actually notice that.

Now that’s been thought up, I’m thinking of using that instead of starting a new product, limit choices on each machine tied to board/CPU. Offer a choice of a case instead of making the case a starting point.

Back to the start again, some of the stuff I can use from earlier work. Most of it won’t work in the new structure.

Another aim of the project was to use scripts and functions built into WordPress and Woocommerce rather than calling in more scripts, which would go out of date if hard coded. By using WordPress’s own libraries, we shouldn’t have to worry about jQuery for a while.

I’ll add the select method as an additional file to the Github repository of the project. Upon that update, I’ll final version that and start a new plugin for the product page customizer.