Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Use – Littleport IT Services

As we are a freelance company, we don’t plan on having time to deal with problems or like legal terminology, we’ve written this little page to explain some items.

Here is our Terms and Conditions which we’ll update as we go along.

Current VAT registration: Not registered, We hope to change that when its worthwhile to do so.

Quotes provided to us are valid for up to 7 days.

Stock levels and prices are very volatile, we can only guarantee prices/ stock of what we have on site. Look out for the ‘location’ or ‘shipping class’ attribute on products, Or if there is a stock number then we have that number available from us.

We can check incompatibilities of items such as replacement Power supply, screen replacements and hardware. Please contact us for more information. This will save a lot of time sorting out problems afterwards caused by incompatibilities and changing/replacing parts/orders.

Data Handling

We can attempt data recovery via software/hardware link. This is very high risk and possible once on drives which are badly damaged .

  • The User is responsible for their own backups
  • If data recovery is unsuccessful, then the recovery charge is waived
  • It’s best to list/let us know where required data is. Normal recovery attempts targets ‘/Users’ or ‘/Documents and Settings’ folders.
  • We can not Guarantee drive or data will survive, or successful data pull’s
  • We respect confidentiality and of files recovered we would only see Name, location, Size, other format options such as Author, and summary might appear in our recovery software.
  • We provide backups either onto DVD, or onto the replacement drive (if fitted by us) and will attempt to re-install your system back to how it was before problems started.
  • After completion, we will report on errors. The original drive is handed back to the client and any data pulled on temporary storage used for recovery is wiped.
  • We will not backup torrent files or downloaded movies/games.
  • We can not backup password files or website login details.


Thanks to confusing EU regulations, we aren’t sure if we need to warn you that we use cookies to improve your experience or not. This website uses standard WordPress session Cookies, most of which auto delete after 24 hours (except log in ones via Social Media, which are handled by the social networks anyway).

This site uses some cookies for analytics (via Google), and Sessions for general use.

Laptop, phone and Tablet repairs

we tend to outsource micro electronic/soldering to 3rd parties with equipment and more experience, This takes longer but provides a professional repair on certified equipment. We can attempt soldering power jacks onto laptop boards but find that newer boards need higher temperatures and smaller tool tips, hence more expensive machinery and training. Using a 3rd party with the expertise and equipment is an ideal choice at the current time.

We have started replacing Tablet and phone screens, but we are still learning. If any issues arise from after we’ve ‘repaired’ the item, we’ll provide a repair free of charge. If we can not repair it, we’ll help you find a certified repairer.

Laptop Screen Replacements

We aim to offer a quick screen replacement service, the longest part is waiting for screen arrival, which can be 1 to 7 days. We require Laptop make and Model number to match compatibility and connections and availability.

For far away customers, We offer a full replacement package costing £25 on top of the screen costs which include fitting, testing and delivery back to customer via courier. For local customers the cost is a £15 fitting charge + cost of screen.


We prefer PayPal for On-line purchases, But we can provide invoices from our system and PayPal itself.


Export rules on Electronics are complicated, for the time being we’ve disabled other countries.

We hope to change this when we find advice and have our own stock.


All trademarks and copyrights belong to their respective owners.

Opinions in comments or Articles are the personal views of the writers, and should not be viewed as a ‘terminology’ for the company. Things change faster than a tornado in the world of technology and not even teams of people can keep up and correct everything on the site.


Majority of our stock is warehouse based, which is open from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday and usually process orders in the evenings. They provide tracking information at around 6pm, send delivery predictions at around 8am.

We provide tracking details via DPD/Interlink to customers on invoicing as soon as we get it ourselves. Our Supplier uses the Predict system for their deliveries and provide 1-hour windows of when they expect to arrive.

Banned from our site?

Unfortunately, since our server move, there has been a huge amount of attempts to scrape, steal and gain access to our software and server. If you see a banned or challenge message, there is a good chance that either someone from your ISP or country has been identified as suspicious. Preferably we’d not want to ban entire countries, but will consider it if individuals continue to waste our time.