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Testing a new trick

We’re testing a new trick on the site this week, some fancy looking pages may appear soon.coding-day-1024x575


What this new trick does, is loads a selection of posts or pages into a single page with each page/post in its own Parallax style section.

Parallax is basically the background staying in place while the content moves above it. At the moment, this can be using for theming multi-page guides or a collection of similar articles. The Only downside is I have to hard code each array of posts/pages for it to work.

Ideal use for this would be the portfolio category. Spot the problem there? It’s a category and not a page so this won’t work. Not easily anyway.

After a bit of work, I think it’d look great. Maybe write something to allow users to select what goes into the sections in the future.

Also, If I get the tweaking right and find some decent background images, we can have Services and Contact pages on a continuous home page.

Oh yes, for an example of what I’m on about. Scroll down.

This post has been hacked around.. customized a bit to show it off below, so will look odd missing author box and comments section.