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Thanks WooCommerce…

So we’ve been working on something to make importing product data, price and pictures easier and quicker to do with our system and consistency hitting walls in terms of API limitations and PHP knowledge and technicals.

WooCommerce had a major update this month and we spotted this:

Feature – Built-in product CSV importer and exporter for products.

Nice I thought, worth a shot and it works great. Except that there’s still the image duplication issues and you can’t add new products at the same time as updating the existing ones. This can be fixed with two runs with a check box unticked.

Though it is faster than the existing solution, seems I have to continue using the old one to have new products added at the same time.

I’m still looking at an API solution to analyse previous stock against new price list, which will be handy when I get time to promote products before they are out of stock.



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