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The Weather’s nice, and I feel …Bleurgh..

‘After a week and a bit of illness, I can finally get some work don-*coughing fit*’

As I get older, I feel being ill a slightly strange experience.. Sometimes autopilot will kick off and takes care of it while I continue doing what I need to.. Or my brain just goes into useless mode. Like reading an article on a Breathalyzer for smartphones and thinking ‘do smartphones breath? why do they need to get breathalyzed?!’.

Usually I have a strong pain/sickness threshold and normally brush illness off quickly, it’s a bit more difficult when a coughing fit throws you into various large fittings and appliances, and with clumsiness.. I felt it better to take a few days out.

Also be lucky I built a spellchecker into the site.. my spelling has suffered as well over the last few days.

Anyway.. Whats coming up for us?

A few big long articles have been written up and nearly ready for release, one documents my mulling over a new phone, while the other is a sort of review of a Network Attached Storage device.

We’re set on a small office/warehouse unit in town for a repair base sometime in the future, this is open to ideas if anyone knows anywhere, or taken on a unit too big for them.. It’s a long way off yet.

Site news

I’m bringing the shop part of the site down to focus on plugins and functions. I feel it hasn’t performed as well as I liked and most parts of it could do better with more functionality. Future features includes a System Builder module that I’ve started and a few other projects I’ve thought up. The idea of not having to add/sort 1500 product details on a regular basis should allow me more time to get projects and client work done quicker.

Some of the plugin work we hope to finish will help other stores and that could be more of a revenue stream. Also with some quick and easy to adjust HTML5 templates to show off small-scale sites, and some of our own work in Portfolio’s.

We’re also looking at a proper VPS solution to deploy when things start taking off again, for a more stable site and automated updates.

There’s more to do, but most of it is focusing and planning what goes where. But first to get a clear mind, throat and feel better..


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