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We missed our 5th anniversary

Busy with little projects made us miss our 5th year

We’ve been so busy trying to keep up with Life, our clients, new technical standards, product updates and wannabe hackers using all sorts of crawlers against our site, that we missed our 5th Birthday. A big one for most.

Seems every day I try to do these things in between call outs, and yet I get pulled back to our Live Traffic screen looking for the next silly little attack. From fake Googlebots hitting a URL what isn’t associated with any of our servers to an attempt to upload a config file, It’s getting silly and now I’m banning entire countries for it.

As you may have noticed, Auto Posting works again (with the exception of Google+, as automated posts can only be shared to page privately thanks to Google removing useful settings for some bizarre reason.)

Lots of new items going up in Next product update (Wednesday!), A quick look through the list and I see Gaming chairs, Gadgets, and an iPad listing.



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