Welcome to Littleport IT Services

Welcome to Littleport IT Services

We are a Freelance computer consulting Service based in Littleport, which supports the local Ely/Littleport  area for providing support to businesses and home users.

From starting your first website, to removing a pesky virus. We advise on, acquire the parts and offer a complete solution!


Being on a freelance basis, means you can hire us to help with projects for when you want, however long you want. whether it’s a quirk with some software misbehaving, or new systems to set-up and communicate with an office environment.

We also offer advice and direct contact to build customers new computer systems which will be built to specific customer groups such as gamers, office workers, designers and home users. These often unique systems are aimed to be as upgradable and customizable as possible.

We repair PC’s, laptops and equipment in the Littleport / Ely areas, Software and hardware work undertaken.

We also provide template alterations for Content Management Systems such as WordPress, Build internal file servers with automated backup systems for small offices as well as fit out Network cabling and wireless points.

With over 12 years experience all over PC hardware, Software, and Networking, we recognize most sources of problems straight away and provide solutions to have your devices up and running.

Much more work undertaken and welcome, Please contact us with your idea.

Current Developments 

Continuing our support to customers and advising on upgrades. We’ve developed our Shop system to work with PayPal and offer our products all over the UK.

With a system builder module on its way, and a few more features to be finalized. We hope to be a friendly, fast and informative place to get your computer parts and equipment.

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We also write articles about our work, some humour we notice during the day, some industry observations and products to look out for.