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Well, it worked?!

At last, Products in the product area up to date. Old, unobtainable stuff got rid of

After a few days of moving stuff around and processing CSV’s and drafting/publishing odd products.. We’ve found a way to be somewhat up to date with stock. It’s still a general mess about though, here’s a quick run through with how much time it takes:

  • Edit suppliers CSV, add in headers, calculate price with delivery, VAT etc. around 20 mins.
  • Check for changes in header info with website processing. about 5 mins.
  • Switch all products on website to Draft mode. about 15 mins
  • Upload new CSV and set to publish the product information and merge current into published mode. Around 4-7 hours processing.. Ouch.
  • Double check the drafts for ‘in Office stock/services/examples’ around 30 mins if needs adjustment.
  • Smile and think ‘That’s a lot of work to do every few days..’

I can cut down the smaller parts by having another spreadsheet read it, do the calculations, then export itself to a new CSV with headers ready for upload.. that’ll save around 30-40 mins total?

The ideal solution would be a live feed from supplier, however both my suppliers and own site don’t have the function for that sort of thing. I’d love it to do it.. But no.. Not until I make some money to invest in that sort of thing.

The main time is the processing. It’ll pull an image from the web to add in, adds the info, specification tab and stock info from file and assigns a unique number for more updates. I don’t mind that wait if it works though, gives me time to sort out call outs and other problems. Just a worry about how much server resources it takes up.


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