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We’ve been quiet

We’ve been quiet for the last few weeks, followers of my personal Twitter would notice that I’ve been getting annoyed with something and ranting about coding and issues.

Quick update time, Basically I’ve been rewriting a module for this site, One I wanted up and running long ago…


I hear a few of you cry.. No.

The PC Builder Module. A simple thing incorporating a menu of part categories, lists parts and allows you to build you own system and even put it in a fancy case, and allows you to track what parts are in and what’s required.

Alas its more difficult than it looks.

In the mean time, manual mode is still available! Just note down what you feel you want and need your computer to do and send us a list in our contact form, and I’ll send back a few quotes with some ideas and slight variations for cost/performance including the latest deals from suppliers.

Unusual Visitors..

We’ve had a spate of spammy spam spam spamming comments.. Which were predicted so I kept moderation mode on. However coming back from a day out to find 80 spam comments is a bit much, So site comments are now disabled. Social media comments are working, provided you aren’t a bot trying to sell me a handbag or sneak in some back-links.