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Windows 10 Preview – What we know and think

So the next one is Windows 10, all the goodies we’ve seen from the Windows 8.2 update sneaks have been Windows 10 apparently.. Lets have a quick look at Windows 10 PreviewWindows 10 Preview

Even though it seems to be following Windows 8 out of the door very quickly, the Windows 10 Preview kit is freely available which usually means it’s around 6-12 months before we start to see it on new PC’s.

What’s it like? How does it look? Quick look at the features in Windows 10 Preview spotted around the Web

(Sorry, I don’t have time nor a spare system to try it myself!)

Why is it Windows 10?

Well, Computers are basic things and an issue has appeared in the way most programs check for versions.

Code will run a check for Windows 95/98 and if ‘Windows 9’ is reported back.. Well that matches the first part of the code’s seek statement and it’ll abort. Sounds odd doesn’t it? Well it kind of is as there’s an internal version check function called in Windows.. But to prevent bad installers and/or coding, they decided to go 10 anyway.

Start menu is back!

In a way anyway, There’s some Live Tile functions in it which does look like its done properly and can look great. Some developers have already take advantage of the settings available on Tiles, example being 3rd party Steam Tile what shows the last game played, some statistic and game deals.

 1 Million people are helping to shape it by providing feedback on the Technical Preview

So far over 1 million people have registered to try the preview.. That’s a lot of feedback determining how it should look and feel. Yes there’s some stuff constantly reporting back to Microsoft about crashes, usage and what you will be trying to do with the preview.. But it saves writing a very long email list of bugs you’ve found possibly after they fix them.. It’s a PREVIEW, IT IS NOT FOR PRODUCTION systems. So no mission critical stuff, or critical password usage on it.

What we think

There’s no denying that Microsoft products have issues with piracy, with the activation systems they’ve always sacrificed stability and user trust. Even Though I don’t like the digital only way Office has gone, the subscription way does work out a bit better and fairer. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have a similar system for windows.. As a tech, I’d be happy to pay £15-25 a year to stay updated to the latest windows.. 8, 10… beyond! In fact, I’m guessing the ‘Load your OS from the web’ is being developed anyway, once we are sure everyone’s connection can deal with it..

Windows 8 has a way of saving your PC settings to your Microsoft account, which in theory should make switching to a new PC easy with your look and feel downloaded once you login to your account. This will help ease of use and deployment of new PC’s.

What stops deployment of new Operating Systems and new PC’s in most businesses, is the support for older programs they require to do their work. For example people prefer the older AutoCAD’s which don’t work on Windows 7 properly.. They’ve paid 1000’s for it initially and don’t want to spend that again for a new version which they may need more training for.

Looks good, Sounds good. Windows 8 networking was fresh air from working with Windows XP and 7 environments, though the exclusion of NetBIOS names was a bit bad in Linux-based networks. I’m looking forward to it.

 Unified Platform across desktop to mobiles

Sounds fanciful and great, but it’ll have to rely on our current connections in the outside world.. Which is.. Quite truthfully.. Bad. At home, maybe it’ll work.

For more information, features and how to sign up to try the Windows 10 preview (on a spare system! Lets not jump the gun so much..) Try Windows Blog


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