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Windows 10 release date announced, upgrade via Windows update available

As you expect a bit more information before anything happens, Microsoft has decided to drop it all today.

Had a prompt about Windows 10 today? It’s not malware or a virus, it’s actually Microsoft’s announcement that you can reserve your upgrade to Windows 10 on that machine. This was done via a Windows Update a few days ago.

Bit of a surprise for us too. We weren’t expecting anything until August. and with Windows 10 being available from the 29th of July? Well that’s thrown our estimates of September out of the window too.

The main features include the return of the Start menu, with some tile functionality still in there. All new web browser called Edge, dropping the Internet Explorer name.  Device synchronization and sharing ability with Xbox One, Surface tablets and Windows Phones joining the upgrade.

For a quick overview, Microsoft made this YouTube video



If you do reserve your free upgrade, you have a year after the 29th of July to install it.. Meaning if you want to wait to see what happens, you’re more than welcome to.

More information Here



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