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Windows 8.1 Update – 8th April

Can Start’s proper return win over the faithful Windows XP crowd?

(Clarification: Unfortunately the Start Menu didn’t make it into the Update!.. Tis a shame!)

Windows 8.1 start menu
Windows 8.1(update)’s start menu preview (courtesy of ExtremeTech)

The next Windows 8.1 update is bringing back a familiar sight, a Start button we can actually use without the tiled metro screen.

Finally we can select what we want where we used to find it!

From the screenshots, we see that we won’t avoid the App/tiled style of Windows 8 just yet.

The update is expected within the next week, and should be a free update to all Windows 8 users.

Now to solve the problem of older expensive,unaffordable to small business software refusing to work at all on it..

Read more about upcoming Windows 8.1 features at ExtremeTech


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