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Windows XP End of Life scenarios

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A fair few of us refuse to leave Windows XP behind, with Windows 8 devices┬ácoming from all sides offering eye candy and ‘Over the top’ changes, what’s holding us back?

Yes it was good at its job, hardly grumbling it powered our workstations for 10+ years. A success! Almost too successful.

Here’s some of the current scenarios we are dealing with customers on Windows XP Systems.

I Don’t think its worth upgrading until we get a new system in 6/12 months

Pretty fair point, a few people have said this when 8 first came out, and with the expected patch soon out will give the desktop PC feel back. If your PC is running Windows XP, it’s probably easier and more cost efficient to get a new system.

I can’t lose information at the moment! This system is how i want it!

Also another fair point for the Comfortable zone. You can transfer your data and most of your settings over to Windows 8 with the help of the Easy Transfer wizard on the Windows 8 DVD. We’d also recommend and Network Attached Storage or external hard drive for critical data.

I don’t like Windows 8 at all!

I didn’t like parsnips until I tried them. Unfortunately Microsoft didn’t roll out an idea of dual Operating Systems like they did in the past (One time only Choice of Windows XP or Windows Vista on some laptops long ago), But it should be possible to ‘try’ Windows 8 for 30 days without a key.

And there’s always Windows 7 still available for the time being..

But I have expensive/Specialist software what won’t work with Windows 8

Yes its slightly annoying, there are a few ways around this.

  • VM-Ware, a virtual environment to run Windows XP within Windows 8
  • Compatibility mode in program properties, or Program Compatibility checker
  • Is there any updates or 3rd party/open source versions?

Is there funding available to help ease the cost of purchasing a new version of that software?

Maybe an isolated system is the way to go for very old/unsupported equipment/software?

Don’t want to be left behind on Windows XP?

Our parts supplier builds a number of systems designed for office use ready to go out of the box, and we also design our own builds. Contact us to see if there’s any more advice or suggestions we can offer for modernizing systems.



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