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Annoyed with Windows 8? Try these

I’ve seen a few customers go out and buy a new Windows 8 Laptop and get annoyed at a few ‘personality’ issues with it.. Luckily, there’s some options hidden away!windows8 annoyed

Listing some hidden options to disable/improve some features in Windows 8 what we’ve found.

  • That black bar thing appears when ever I swipe the touchpad/mouse! It’s annoyed me!

In your mouse software there’s some additional settings to make your touchpad mimic a tablets touchscreen. We’ve found this on Synaptics’s software under ‘Advanced’ or ‘additional/swipe controls’ or ‘Gesture Suite’. Right click the icon in your notification area (bottom right) to quickly access these options.

For more information on Synpatics gestures: link

Asus Laptops have ‘Smart Gesture software’ what does the same thing and found in the same place.

  • I don’t like the tile screen, I don’t want to see it when it boots.

Right click your taskbar at the bottom, and hit properties, click the Navigation tab and check the box next to When I sign in or close all apps on a screen, go to the desktop instead of Start. This now should take you straight to Desktop every time you login.

  • It’s difficult to switch between Calculator app and my Excel sheets. This has annoyed me!

You can split the screen by dragging from the top of the screen, then to the side you want it on, Calculator app on 1 side, desktop/programs on other and you should be able to move between them without each one taking priority.

You can also hover top left to see what programs to switch to, And finally you can use desktop versions of most apps. Just start typing the name of the app/program in the Start screen to find it..

Or if it is really Excel.. Why are you not using Excel’s calculation functions in the worksheet?! .. Sorry..

  • My network drives won’t work, shared drives from Windows XP or Linux network

We’re still solving this one, suspect its something to do with new filesystem security but still testing options.

Also thinking it could be an out-dated version of Linux/SAMBA if its SMB based. Best thing to try is non Homegroup settings, direct path to share via IP than Netbios name. and 40-56bit encryption instead of 128-256bit in Advanced Sharing.

We’ll share some more when we find them, Keep an eye out for additional tips in our Article section.


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