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I’m in the wrong job..

Wondering if I’m in the wrong job, I seem to excel at coding and hardware, but writing articles? Pff!

Apparently it was some sell out gaming tournament with some big prizes over last few weeks, Of course not in this country.. That’d be daft!

Playing games professionally may seem like the dream job, I admit I play a fair few too much. Enjoy constant battles against 10’s (or 100’s depending on the game..) of other people with virtually no rest between them. But for me, job wise I’d actually love to build the machines to make stuff like this possible. The chance to try out the new hardware, test it, make sure it works without dropping voltages or other odd random spikes in performance.

After completing my first plugin for WordPress however, recruitment agencies seem to think I’m an expert.. If only if it was that simple.

Sure I’d love to work for someone developing plugins or software for £22,000 or £30,000 a year.. But as I’m finding with the new projects I plan for myself.. I’ve no clue where to start!

Do I create the layout to work out what functions I need? How do i know that the functions I write will work with Core Functions? How will it work when others try it!? I want this plugin to do something, but how on earth do I get it to read a CSV by itself? .. ARGH!

News articles.. What on earth would be interesting? What will get hits on the site?

Sooo Anyway, Keeping busy with projects, clients and the like.. Just fighting to keep everything moving


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