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New items: X99 based Intel Boards, DDR4 ram.

Tx99-ddr4echnology moving ahead again with X99 based boards, we’ll soon have some new, faster parts to build systems with.

We pushed DDR3 beyond its designed usage, resulting in faster memory in our PC’s with seamless performance returns. DDR4 was developed to be faster, more memory per stick and more accessible. With advances in circuit and power regulation technologies it’s also possible to have more slots on the new boards for DDR4, Bringing server level memory sizes to the workplace or home.

The Intel X99 range of chipsets support the new Haswell-E socket 2011 based CPU’s and DDR4, ideal if you want to stay ahead of the game. Of course, this isn’t for everyone, DDR4 will likely to more expensive than DDR3. Intel CPU’s are known to be costly at launch, and the select boards available are premium/deluxe models.

Seems strange saying “Here’s some new tech we can get in stock, but we don’t recommend buying”, but that’s one of our little quirks. I’d say have another look around Christmas when the after production bugs will likely be spotted.. Much like the USB3 S3 state issues with the previous Haswell release.

The new X99 boards and  DDR4 ram should be on the next stock update file, which is processing now.. So should be available to order within a day or so.

The new Haswell range was released Friday, and not much pricing/availability information has come through yet.


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